Each of our Candidates adds of herself to our sisterhood. We grow and adapt as each new sister progresses through her candidacy. As a group each Candidate class has an opportunity to leave a lasting mark on our Chapter. Each class has completed a project that reflects the personality of the class. They also host an event for our active chapter. This event should focus on the bonds of sisterhood. Each candidate retains a souvenir of her candidate period in a class chosen signature item. With these items, each sister collects the signatures of each sister as she gets to know them.

To honor each of our classes contributions to our sisterhood, we have their projects, class event, and signature item listed below.


Initiation date:
September 13, 1997
Project: Scrapbook of Interest Group Activities
Event: Boxers and pajama's Holiday Party
Sig Item: Wooden Lioness

Alpha Class

Initiation date:
September 13, 1997
Project:Blue and Silver Satin Quilt
Event:Slumber Party
Sig Item: Wooden Alpha Sigma Kappa Letters

Beta Class

Initiation date:
January 17, 1998
Project: Decorative Christmas Ornaments for a House Tree
Event: Dinner & a Movie
Sig Item: Decorative Wooden Picture Frame

Gamma Class

Initiation date:
September 6, 1998
Project: Wooden Keepsake Trunk
Event: Hot Chocolate at the Mont
Sig Item: Painted Keepsake Boxes

Delta Class

Initiation date:
January 8, 1999
Project: Painted Chalkboard for a future House
Event: Ice Cream Run to Marble Slab
Sig Item: Decorated Pillows

Epsilon Class

Initiation date:
April 30, 1999
Project: Shadowbox with White Roses
Event: Movie Night
Sig Item: Painted Flower Pots

Zeta Class

Initiation date:
December 12, 1999
Project: A video tape of the Blue Moose Project
Event: Blue Moose Project
Sig Item: Small decorated chalkboard

Eta Class

Initiation date:
December 7, 2000
Project: A shadow box with a compartment representing each class member
Event: Movie night
Sig Item: Picture frame

Theta Class

Initiation date:
April 27, 2001
Project: A patchwork fence and flowers quilt
Event: Beading Night
Sig Item: A wooden fence

Iota Class

Initiation date:
November 30, 2002
Project: Chapter Scrapbook
Event: Movie Night
Sig Item: Mirror

Kappa Class

Initiation date:
April 12, 2003
Project: Helped Plan Rush
Event: Cooked Dinner for Chapter
Sig Item: Keepsake Wooden Box

Lambda Class

Initiation date:
December 6, 2003
Project: Took over planning and execution of Masquerade
Event: Dessert and movie night with a Λ cake
Sig Item: Pillow and case

Mu Class

Initiation date:
April 30, 2004
Project: AΣK Toast
Event: Candle making evening with dessert
Sig Item: Center Piece (rose petals on mirror and Mu class mascot)

Nu Class

Initiation date:
December 3, 2004
Project: Calendar dry erase board
Event: Helped with Masquerade
Sig Item: Stuffed Lioness

Xi Class

Initiation date:
April 29, 2005
Project: scrap / informational book
Event: Dinner and movie night
Sig Item: Vase

Omicron Class

Initiation date:
December 2, 2005
Project: Rush themed t-shirt
Event: Dinner and movie night
Sig Item: Picture frames

Pi Class

Initiation date:
April 23, 2006
Project: Lioness Pillow
Event: AFI Top 100 Movie Night
Sig Item: Keepsake Wooden Boxes

Rho Class

Initiation date:
December 1 , 2006
Project: AΣK handshake
Event: Storybook Party
Sig Item: 'Rho' boats

Sigma Class

Initiation date:
May 5, 2007
Project: Donation toward housing/storage
Event: Relay for Life fundraiser
Sig Item: Flower Pots

Tau Class

Initiation date:
November 30, 2007
Project: Chapter signed Table Runner
Event: Crafts Night
Sig Item: Photo Album

Upsilon Class

Initiation date:
April 25, 2008
Project: Fixed the handles on the Ritual Chest
Event: Fondue Dinner
Sig Item: Silver Bouncy Ball

Phi Class

Initiation date:
December 5, 2008
Project: New Ritual Chest
Event: Chapter Sleepover
Sig Item: Sleep items

Chi Class

Initiation date:
May 1, 2009
Project: Painting the Ritual Chest
Event: Held monthly dinner
Sig Item: Ping Pong Paddles

Psi Class

Initiation date:
December 5, 2009
Project: National Badge Design
Event: Crafts night at Retreat
Sig Item: Decrorative toilet seat

Omega Class

Initiation date:
April 30, 2010
Project: National Mocktail Proposal
Event: Desert at Retreat
Sig Item: Vase

Alpha Alpha Class

Initiation date:
November 19, 2010
Project: Lock for ritual chest
Event: Movie Night
Sig Item: Oars

Alpha Beta Class

Initiation date:
April 17, 2011
Project: T-shirt design
Event: Tea Party
Sig Item: Glow Wands

Alpha Gamma Class

Initiation date:
December 3, 2011
Project: Beta Chapter Vinyl Banner
Event: Build-a-Bear making
Sig Item: Lab Coat for Build-a-Bear

Alpha Delta Class

Initiation date:
April 21, 2012
Project: ASK Patch
Event: Bowling Night
Sig Item: Test Tubes

Alpha Epsilon Class

Initiation date:
December 1, 2012
Project: Canopy Tent for events
Event: Photo Booth
Sig Item: Glassware

Alpha Zeta Class

Initiation date:
April 21, 2013
Project: ASK Lawn Letters
Event: Ninjas vs. Pirates Capture the Flag
Sig Item: Wooden ASK Letters

Alpha Eta Class

Initiation date:
November 23, 2013
Project: ASK Drink Dispensers
Event: Campus Ghost Tour
Sig Item: Puzzle

Alpha Theta Class

Initiation date:
April 12, 2014
Project: Updating Tri-fold board
Event: Cook out
Sig Item: Picture Frame

Alpha Iota Class

Initiation date:
November 21, 2014
Project: Scanning old class files
Event: Murder Mystery Dinner
Sig Item: Paddle

Alpha Kappa Class

Initiation date:
April 18, 2015
Project: New Trunk
Event: Scavenger Hunt
Sig Item: Wood AΣK Letters

Alpha Lambda Class

Initiation date:
November 22, 2015
Project: New Table Cloth
Event: Thanksgiving Dinner and Crafts
Sig Item: First Name Initial Wooden Letter

Alpha Mu Class

Initiation date:
May 1, 2016
Project: Helped move all of ASK's stuff to new closet
Event: Fondue Night
Sig Item: Coffee mugs

Alpha Nu Class

Initiation date:
November 13, 2016
Project: Buying stencils for chalking and decorating the coolers
Event: Bowling
Sig Item: Wooden Padles

Alpha Xi Class

Initiation date:
April 9, 2017
Project: Re-making the tri-fold board
Event: Movie/spa night
Sig Item: Paddles

Alpha Omicron Class

Initiation date:
Fall, 2017
Sig Item:

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