Album Name/ Description Dates Taken Preview
Tau Class Initiation
Pictures from the Tau Class initiation.
November 30, 2007
Local Founders Day 2007
Pictures from our 10th anniversary celebrations. (Under Construction)
September, 2007
Sigma Class Initiation
Pictures from the Sigma Class initiation.
May 5, 2007
Rho Class Initiation
Pictures from after the Rho Class initiation.
December 1, 2006
Retreat Fall 2006
Pictures from our semesterly retreat. We pick the most convenient weekend possible, flee Norman, drive south, grab a cabin for the night, and hang out. We tend to do a lot of silly things in the name of bonding, such as fleeing from scorpians, repeating the Diet Coke + Mentos experiment, cooking and sharing yummy food, and play "Hide from Rachel's Camera."
Sometime Fall 2006
Pi Class Initiation
Group picture from the Pi Class initiation.
April 23, 2006
The Tables
In between classes, we hang around the tables by the jukebox, in the Union foodcourt.
A year-round tradition
Omicron Class Initiation
Pictures from after the Omicron Class initiation.
December 2, 2005
National Founders' Day Dinner 2005
Group picture of us at dinner.
May 2005
Big Event
We joined up with Triangle Fraternity and other friends to help paint classrooms and build a playground at a church in Yukon.
Spring 2005
National Founders' Day Dinner 2004
Various pictures taken from our National Founders' Day dinner.
May 2004
Mu Class Initiation
Various pictures of us being and after ceremony.
Spring 2004
Pets and People
One of our regular community service projects is volunteering at the humane animal shelter Pets and People.
We socialize with the animals to get them accustomed to human interaction, and help out with special events at the shelter.
Spring 2004
Local Founders' Day Picnic 2004
An annual event, we celebrate our chapter founding, September 13, 1997, by hosting a picnic at Lion's Park, and inviting our alumnae and friends.
September 2004
Masquerade 2003
Another annual event held in the fall, Masquerade is our semi-formal, and also philanthropy, raising money or canned food items for local charities.
November 2003

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