Founders and First Members of Alpha Sigma Kappa Beta Chapter

On September 13, 1997, after 18 months of dedicated work, an extraordinary goal was reached by the newest initiates of Alpha Sigma Kappa. These 18 women are the Founders and Alpha Class of the Beta Chapter. Working together they created a solid foundation for our chapter and a large step for the Expansion of Alpha Sigma Kappa. On that fateful day, these sisters proudly received the Beta Chapter Charter to become the second chapter of Alpha Sigma Kappa.

Each September, our Chapter honors the Beta Chapter Founders for their hard work and dedication to establishing our Chapter. Special recognition is also given to the Alpha Class for their contribution to the establishment of the Beta Chapter.

Founding Class

Envisioning a sisterhood of friends among women in technical majors, seven women met on March 4, 1996, to form the Interest Group. On September 21, 1996, eighteen women became candidates of Alpha Sigma Kappa, and the Beta Colony at the University of Oklahoma was established. Of these eighteen colony members, 14 were later inducted into Alpha Sigma Kappa. These women are recognized as the founders of the Beta Chapter:

N. "Lynn" Ghose
*Aimee Goins
Sarah Goodwin
Valerie Green
Carrie Kienenberger
Kari Hunter
Carol Sharp
Jennifer Langston
Tina (Talbot) Patrick
Jamie Pflasterer (Spielman)
Kim (Schneider) Halliburton
Nancy "Beth" Proctor
Eden Smith
Gretchen Twork

* Initiated August 1998

Alpha Class

The Sisters of the Alpha Candidate Class joined the Founders as colony members in Febuarary of 1997. These 5 sisters are given special recognition for their dedication and work towards obtaining a charter during this important period in our chapter's history. These women are:

Shauna Jones
Camille Ristroph
Lorna Bradley
Kathy Sokolic
Kate (King) McDonald


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